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Friends, some REALLY compelling content to catch up on in BOTH our edit and thought leadership this week.  Meanwhile, I asked you to click thru to read my extended Publisher Notes (and op-ed) this week. 

It’s worth recalling that, in November, 2022, Elon Musk’s Twitter filed paperwork with the Treasury Department to create a payments processing business.  Some feel this could more closely replicate his pre-Paypal company (and what he had hoped it would become) and use a new “rail” for moving these funds – his decentralized Starlink internet services, which currently has over 3,500 satellites orbiting over the planet (as of February 2023), with future plans to expand that number to 12,000 and potentially as high as 42,000. 

NOW – as we have always said – we aim to stay non-political (and ATTEMPT to stay reasonably non-controversial, though not always) and we are NOT going to publish our particular viewpoint of Musk or the potential of this payments platform coming into existence – or not.  What we will say is that it is INTERESTING and NOTEWORTHY that there are other POSSIBLE forms of moving money already being developed, in addition to what is being offered via the existing blockchain infrastructure, even as we’re watching some rather startling news go down on our current banking system.  So as you witness the days and weeks ahead, and the extended crisis that many have long predicted COULD happen under the current monetary system, it’s good to know that there MAY be other things brewing, one of which COULD be the above scenario, on the proverbial back burner.

As always, we value all viewpoints, whether we agree with them personally or not, and you can take or leave the above. Regardless, we continue to fervently believe THE BEST IS YET TO COME, and this is why we LOVE FINTECH INNOVATION SO MUCH!!

So, to that end, READ UP! | Cindy Taylor, Publisher

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Thought Leadership

MARTECH MINUTES: How Wealth Management Firms Can Grow Harnessing Financial Content
With today’s economic challenges, advisors will need to plan how they communicate with current clients & attract new ones to grow AUM ILLUMINATIONS: “Lights, Camera, Action”
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REAL CLEAR CRYPTO: US Crypto Banking Embargo Brewing?
With the FDIC’s March 12th seizure of Signature Bank, a coordinated attempt by the FDIC to remove crypto-related firms from banks in the US has begun

The Taylor Market Report (3/21/23)
The same folks that started the fire (inflation, zero interest rates, lax oversight, etc.) are now having us believe they are the ones to put out the fire?? Really?

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Building a compliance-centric culture starts well before the crisis and the work to maintain it must continue throughout and well-beyond the problems of today.” – Mitch Avnet of Compliance Risk Concepts

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