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We have such a powerful newsletter this week ranging from the subtleties of social media by platform to maneuvering “Broker Protocol” to the profits and perils of NFTs. And that’s just getting started. Then we delve into the fintech ramifications for the Ukraine/Russia conflict and wrap it all up in a bow with several eye-opening Gray Swan scenarios. Read Up!

Cindy Taylor, Publisher

New thought leadership content this week…

Wealthtech Insider: Advisors in Transition – Maneuvering the Broker Protocol

When starting the transition, properly resigning from your current broker dealer is a critical step in the process

REAL CLEAR CRYPTO: NFTs Are Full of Promise—and for Some, Peril

NFTs might play a huge role in the future of financial industry & advisors & investors need to be aware of their potential risks

MARKETING ADVICE: The Best Times to Post on Social Media

Social media and what it takes to succeed can seem like a black box. Each platform has its own algorithm that it continually updates Illuminations: To Solve Big Technology Problems, Try Looking At The Whole Picture

“End-to-end automation is about creating the ideal experience,” says Crystal Andrus, head of wealth management relationships at

Fintech Corner: Multiple Layers of Personalization in WealthTech

Implementing personalization as a wealthtech firm requires not only knowing the wealth management firms being served but also their clients

Bill Taylor of Entoro Investments updates us on the markets this past week and movement in BTC, ETH, gold and the S&P500 in The Taylor Report (3/8/22). “U.S. treasuries and gold got a huge burst in a flight to safety. It won’t last. U.S. interest rates are going up (bond prices down). Inflation is getting hot, hot hot.

We finish out the week with more great original content from the DWN editorial team and contributors, including the following posts…

A Gray Swan(s) is Flapping its Wings Again
Currently it seems that there is not just ONE Gray Swan event unfolding but MULTIPLE Gray Swans flapping their wings

The Week in Digital Wealth (3/9/22)
60 new DeFi projects are headed for Cardano (ADA), Rarify aims to add value to the NFT sector & Binance bets big with its new payment venture

Advisor Tech Talk (3/9/22)
Today, it seems like companies are taking a more conservative approach to reopening plans, and fewer workers are returning to the office

Top 5 VC Deals of the Week in Digital Wealth (3/9/22)
We’re seeing a pullback this week in the megadeals of fintech. Recently, EVERY deal was at $200M+ but this week, there’s just one in that range

EPISODE 52: Enabling the Merits of Crypto While Mitigating the Risks
DWealthMuse host, Dara Albright & guest Chen Arad of Solidus Labs, discuss ways of enabling the merits of crypto while mitigating the risks

Curated Industry Content

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